Small man, big picture, a unique perspective. Some say it may not be hard to get a different view when you’re only 5’4. A passion for the outdoors and adventure from an early age led Connor Winton to pursue a bachelors of science degree in Parks Recreation and Tourism from the University of Vermont. While he used a camera in his formative years to capture video of his friends and family it was during school where a well timed internship allowed Connor to spend more time behind a camera and truly fall in love with the ability to capture and create. The pursuit of film grew and a desire to be near the mountains led Connor to relocate and base himself and his business in Salt Lake City, Utah. Completely self taught, Connor is known for his technical knowledge, creative vision, strong work ethic and an unmatched dedication to his craft driving him to produce high quality visual content. When he isn't behind the camera or in the editing room Connor can be found participating in the same activities he shoots. An avid snowboarder, rock climber and adventurer Connor is always trying to find a way to be outside.

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