Professional Services



Whether you already have a strong vision of your project, or only the simplest of ideas, Connor can work with you to get the best final product to the main screen. Fine attention to detail in every aspect of planning, scriptwriting and storyboarding, to location scouting and arranging casts, makes sure the most creative and professional story will come out of the final production. Connor can help take your vision to the next creative level.




From remote corners of Patagonia Region to the rugged backcountry of Silverton, Colorado to a popular Urban Cafe, no location is too far or too close (or too extreme) for Connor. Utilizing 4K capabilities along to capture the finest detail along with stunning dynamic movements every aspect of your story will be compelling.




Seeing the hard work and imagery come to life in the edit is no easy task. The technical know how and years of editing experience allow Connor to efficiently craft and construct the project. Blending the narratives, music, and motion graphics into an artfully designed masterpiece that accurately represents the creative vision and story.

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